Ars Goetia

by Istronen

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2011 digital demo. Released as Istronen.


released July 9, 2011

Music and production by Charles-Kenneth Baillairgé.



all rights reserved


Sorcer London, Ontario

Symphonic Death Metal

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Track Name: Ars Goetia
Oh, great sage
Of the lucid dream
Of the cosmic sea
Bring forth thy demons
Call forth thy minions
Who grovel in thy name
Ignite the sky
With the stars
Forming signs
Burn out the eyes
Silence the lies
Of those who cannot die

Lost in the shadow
The darkness, and the night
Wandering hopeless
Through the fog's unholy might

Oh, great lord
Of the sunlight's face
Of the moonlight's grace
Quench the blood lust
Of those who moan
From their graves

Within the frozen wastes
Sleeps the mighty Sol ablaze
Encased in sorrow
Through the endless days
Within the scorching wastes
Sleeps the shining Lune encased
Buried in ashes
Through the endless days
Track Name: Inno a Noctem
I am he who dwells within the night
In form of shroud and dreams
I can feel what you feel
And read every thought

Come forth, ye dreamers
Bask in the moonlight
Come forth, ye dreamers
Persist in the midnight

I am the one who wanders through the night
Conjuring visions beyond human sight
The moon of this night blooms a faded light
As I write this hymn to the night

Drifting in and out of conscience
I seek a voice
It calls to me with guiding warmth
Fading into existence
I find my voice
I howl to the moon in melody