Under the Ashes

by Sorcer

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2013 digital demo.


released November 2, 2013

Music and production by Charles-Kennie Baillairgé. Additional thanks to Mike Amicarelli.



all rights reserved


Sorcer London, Ontario

Symphonic Death Metal

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Track Name: Scythe of Samael
This demon's grip chokes me
Crushed between bone and death
My blade does not dull
For I am immortal
I crave the taste of thy skin
I'm cradled within its warmth
I hear thy breath escape
The whispers chased by blood

Fear, afflict, deprive
Hate, seduce, destroy
He is ever lusting
He is everliving me
Fear, afflict, deprive
Hate, seduce, destroy
Taste my blade

The sickeningly sweet sound
Of thy cries of death
Fills my wielder's ears
With righteous content
Thy flesh rendered open
By the brunt of my blade
Thou cannot come to haunt again

The sin that courses through thy eyes
Dark as the pit
Evaporates unto the air
As death's hound steal the gleam from thine eyes
I persist to live
Everything my hands touch dies
Track Name: Souls Intertwine
Before you go
Before the light reclaims you
And silence is my lover once more
I have but one request
As an ever lost soul
Would you wait for me beyond the door?

I long for release
In divine intervention
I am not one for this life
Please be my saviour
And take me from the void
For the guardian spirits won't let me die

Souls intertwine in afterlife
Forever fly until love dies
Here we have ruled, angel and fool
But fate is cruel and will take you
Track Name: Under the Ashes
What can I do? What can I say
When grief is my only way?
Fear of the dust, fear of the fire
Keeps me from where you lay
Open my eyes, arise from my heart
You seem close, yet feel so far
Your touch is cold, your breath is haunting
And calls me to nothing warm

Lead me astray to memories past
Upon my soul, it lashes
Beloved spirit, I come to your grave
To find what lies under the ashes

There is no light, no hope in sight
I've lost my light in this cold night

Empty myself of hopes and dreams
And confine it all within
Discard this life into the dirt
For new nightmares to begin

Become a shell devoid of life
My memory, it flashes
Beloved spirit, I return to your grave
And bury it under the ashes